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Welcome to HKABA

Our Mission

Hong Kong Association for Behavior Analysis is dedicated to bringing awareness of behavior analysis to the Hong Kong community. Our mission is to establish standards of practice for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for consumers.  By providing workshops and seminars, teaching university courses, and publishing research in behaviour analysis, we show our commitment in promoting the field of ABA.

Our Vision
  • Promote understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the community

  • Support research that will advance the understanding of behavioral processes

  • Serve as a scientific and professional network and reference group for all in HK who identify themselves as scientists or practitioners in disciplines that embrace the principles and practices of behavior analysis

  • Establish and maintain communication with overseas ABA associations

  • Support professional and post-qualifying education in Hong Kong through workshops and our BCBA/BCaBA courses

  • Publish and distribute an official newsletter devoted to dissemination of scientific, technological, and applied achievements within the scope of behavior analysis and to matters of interest to the membership


  • 提高對社區應用行為分析(ABA)的了解

  • 支援研究將有助提高對行為過程的了解

  • 作為一個科學與專業網絡和所有在香港的參考群體,而這些群體在訓練中包含行為分析的原理及準則均能辨認自己為科學家或實踐家

  • 建立及維持與海外行為分析組織的聯繫

  • 支援專業和在香港通過研討會和我們的BCBA/BCaBA學科中所取得的教育資格

  • 出版和分發一份官方時事通訊作為科學上的宣傳, 技術上, 和應用在行為分析的範疇下的完成作品,利益問題以至會員等等

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For Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis in Hong Kong, Go to  Registration is June and December each year for certification under QABA. 

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