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Morningside Academy's School Curriculum and Fluency Training

Training by Jeremy H. Greenberg, Ph.D., BCBA

Morningside Academy and Morningside Press offer a series of fluency supplements that give learners a solid fluent foundation in the fundamental scholastic skills. They also guarantee that learners will retain these skills forever without a moment's hesitation. Morningside Academy's school helps both elementary and middle school students to catch up and get ahead. Its students have not previously reached their potential; many have learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD diagnoses; all have average to well above average intelligence. Morningside is not a school for children with significant emotional problems, behavioral problems, or developmental delays. The purpose of this workshop event is to help the participants to understand this unique approach to instruction and learning and why it has been so successful. There will be some "hands on" exercises and real curriculum for review.

由 Jeremy H. Greenberg, Ph.D., BCBA 主講

Morningside Academy和Morningside Press給予一連串流暢性補充訓練,而這些訓練均能帶給學習人士一個固定流暢性的平台,而這些訓練在基本學習技能中均能帶給學習人士一個固定流暢性的平台。他們都能保證學習人士在沒有一刻猶豫中將會永遠保留這些技能。Morningside Academy's學校就能幫助小學和中學學生追緊和保持這些技能的發展。這些學生之前並沒有到達這種潛力;而且有很多都患有學習障礙或ADD/ADHD病徵;但所有學生卻都平均擁有抱著高於一般努力的學習態度。Morningside並不是一所為小孩患有嚴重情緒問題,行為問題或發展遲緩而設的學校。這個研討會的目的是在幫助參與者明白到這個獨一無二的取向指引,學習和明白到為何它會辦得那麼成功。那些其實是一些親自動手的練習和真正的課程作為溫習用途。

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