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Our Background

香港行為分析協會(HKABA)是國際行為分析協會(ABAI)在香港特別行政區的一個本地分會。我們在2010年建立。當時只屬於BCBAs的一個少數,和社區其他地方已指定為協助提高ABA在香港的地位。從那時起, BCBA的數目及獨自在相關範疇工作的人都已參加和製造出效果。我們大部份的會員都已獲得BCBA或BCaBA的身份。我們所有會員在提升或在特殊教育領域中試驗行為分析。我們所進行的這類型的活動包括直接教學,家長式訓練,學校顧問和研討會給公共和其他專業組織。我們有些人是在私人推廣裡工作而小部份則在ABA設定裡工作, 而這些能提供不同類型的特殊教育。我們的會員會以廣東話或英文來引導給他們的服務。

HKABA is the affiliated chapter of ABAI in Hong Kong SAR, China.  We were established in 2010 by only a handful of BCBAs and others in the community dedicated to help promote ABA in Hong Kong.  Since then, the number of BCBAs as well as individuals working in related fields have joined in and made an impact.  Most of our members have earned the BCBA or BCaBA status.


All of our members are promoting or practicing behavior analysis in the field of special education.  The kind of activities we do include direct teaching, parent training, school consultation and workshops for the public or other professionals.  Some of us are in private practice and a few of us work in ABA settings that provide various kinds of special education.  All of our members conduct their services in Cantonese or English or both.  

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