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  • 家長訓練研討會

  • 專業性發展研討會給行為分析師,特別教育工作者,教師,心理學家,言語治療師,職業治療師,和其他相關行業的專業人士

  • 每年兩次發放時事通訊

  • BCBA / BCaBA科目

  • CEU項目


HKABA is dedicated to promote the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in Hong Kong. Through various activities and events, we would like to increase the awareness and application of ABA in our community. 

HKABA offers:

  • Parent training workshops

  • Professional development workshops for behaviour analysts, special educators, teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other professionals in the related field

  • Bi-annual HKABA newsletter

  • BCBA / BCaBA courses

  • CEU events

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our services. We will be happy to discuss with you how HKABA can support your community. 

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