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What is ABA?



除了ASD, ABA對治療問題行為、缺乏社會技能、飲食失調、語言障礙、注意力不集中及其他教育和生理問題均有相當成效。總括來說, ABA是具有廣泛研究支持的科學化教學方法。

Behavior analysis is a scientific approach to studying behaviors.  There is a focus on making behaviors measurable and observable.  By doing this, objective data can be collected to determine behavior change.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of behavior analysis to real-world situations.  ABA is used in many fields such as pain and drug therapy, organizational behavior management, animal training, brain and spinal cord injury, feeding disorders, and special and regular education.  


ABA is known to be particularly effective for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Studies have shown that some children diagnosed with ASD are indistinguishable from their peers after early intensive therapy. Furthermore, many others affected with ASD of varying ages have also shown significant improvements after receiving ABA therapy.  Please refer to the list of research articles and journals demonstrating the effectiveness of ABA with this specific population. 


ABA is also highly effective for those without ASD.  ABA is used to help treat problem behaviors, social skills deficits, feeding issues, language deficits, attention deficits, and other educational and physiological problems. In summary, ABA is a scientific form of teaching with extensive research support. 

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