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Positive Behaviour Change for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Parent and Helper Training Work

HKABA and Caritas Youth and Community Service organized a parent and helper workshop to help children with Autism using Applied Behavior Analysis. English Presenters: Nhu DeBastiani, BCBA and Stephanie Chung, BCBA 廣東話講師: 黃少雯(註冊行為分析師)、 鄭藹賢(註冊行為分析師)

The Positive Behavior Change parenting workshop is based on the “The Power of Positive Parenting,” by Dr. Glenn Latham to assist parents and children to create a positive environment. The training has been adapted to address the needs of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. 正面行為改善家長工作坊是以格林*萊瑟姆博士的註作 --「正面管教的影響力」為依據,旨在幫助自閉症患者及其家長建立正向培育環境的技巧。 Outline for the Positive Behavior Change training: A. Be Close- Creating a positive environment

  • Discuss benefits for caregivers and children of Be Close

  • Demonstration of Be Close steps

  • Practice Be Close tool

B. Give Reinforcement for Preferred Behaviors- Increasing appropriate behavior

  • Describe behavior, consequences, reinforcement

  • Role and effects of consequences

  • Demonstration and Hands-on practice of the Give Reinforcement steps

C. Combining all tools- Putting it all together

  • Hands-on practice and feedback

正面行為改善培訓課程的綱要: A. 親密聯繫—創造正向的培育環境

  • 討論親密聯繫對家庭照顧者與孩子的益處

  • 示範建立親密聯繫的步驟

  • 實踐建立親密聯繫的步驟

B. 鞏固及增強正確行為

  • 描述行為、後果、增強概念

  • 後果所擔當的角色及對行為的影響

  • 鞏固及增強行為的示範與實踐

C. 技巧融合

  • 實踐和回饋

How is this course different from other parenting or behavior modification classes?

  • This course is based on behavioral principles and it is taught by behavior analysts

  • This course offers competency-based training. Participants will have lots of opportunities to practice and demonstrate all the tools taught

  • Small class size to ensure adequate participation and practice

  • Immediate individualize feedback will be provided


  • 此次課程以行為原則為依據,並由行為分析師講解

  • 此次課程提供技能為本訓練。參加者將有很多機會實踐所有教授的技巧

  • 為確保參加者有足夠參與和實踐機會

  • 行為分析師會為參加者提供即時、個人化的回饋

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